The Story

One afternoon Tris and his wife were going to see Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band play at a local casino.  Just before the concert, Greg Bisonette from the band called and asked if Tris would like to sit in for a couple songs and play with Ringo on Ringo’s drum kit. That was an easy “Yes, I’m in” and what a great experience it was!

After the concert, Tris’s wife was so impressed with the way in which Ringo had put together all of these great musicians, Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band. The band performed each of the musician’s hit songs. Tris’s wife suggested to Tris “You played on so many of the original songs in the Yacht Rock Genre. If you didn’t, you are friends with everyone who did.  Why don’t you put together a band in that genre? Invite only great musicians like yourself who actually recorded those songs or were on stage with those artists during the Yacht Rock era. That will set you apart.”

Tris knew this made perfect sense, and started calling his “all star” musician friends to invite them to become band members, and Tris Imboden Yacht Stars was born!

tris imboden yacht stars story

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